Sherwood Probus celebrates a successful year

Sherwood Probus Club members celebrated the end of a successful 2017 with a  Christmas lunch at our regular meeting venue, the Magpies AFL Club in Chelmer. Committee members met a few days before the event for the final meeting for the year, as well as to finalise and wrap the gift hampers, and enjoy a shared lunch.

The Magpies AFL Club hall had been decked out with Christmas trees and other decorations and we felt quite special walking the red carpet to reach the beautifully laid tables. Our special guest was Councillor Nicole Johnston who is a great supporter of the Club. A complimentary drink and nibbles helped everyone to get in the mood for the lunch. Anyone who thought they would go hungry would have been disappointed. Entrees were either Thai Beef Salad or Prawn Cocktail; our main course was traditional turkey, pork and ham with vegetables. Our caterer supreme, Joan, had made the Christmas cake as well as lots of other sweet treats. Tea and coffee were available to finish off the meal, together with ample quantities of chocolates.

Many lucky members left with hampers overflowing with the Christmas goodies that had been donated by members. Photos of all our activities during the year were screened, which demonstrated what a busy group of people we’ve been.

Each birthday and Christmas lunch President Paul comes up with quizzes and challenges to test our knowledge and brainpower. This time he came up with some Christmas Trivia, Jumbled Carols and Christmas Cryptics. The Cryptics proved the most challenging. What do you think the answers to these are? 1. Not absent plural. 2. Saint with an extra L; 3. Enclosing the news; 4. Foggy French digit; 5. Bad weather love. For those of you who can’t work these out, the answers are at the bottom!

The highlight of the event had to be our resident Barbershop Quartet. Who knew that our four barbers had fine singing voices. We did feel sorry for one of our group who volunteered to have a haircut and shave, although it all worked out well in the end.

This event epitomised the Probus mantra of Fun, Friendship, and Fellowship. We look forward to another successful year in 2018. In the meantime Sherwood Probus extends its best wishes to all its members for a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.


Christmas Cryptic answers: 1. presents; 2. holly; 3. wrapping paper; 4. mistletoe; 5. reindeer.