Inner city tour of Brisbane

May has proved to be a very busy month for our active club. On Friday 5 May 16 Sherwood Probus members and friends toured Brisbane’s inner city. Sherwood Probus at Anzac Square.JPG

Here we are at Anzac Square enjoying a cuppa and Anzac biscuits to start our tour. Graham Clark, a Brisbane Greeter and fellow Probian, was our guide for the day. He was a fount of knowledge about early Brisbane especially. He explained the significance of the trees, scupltures and memorials in the square.

Our first stop was the refurbished Anzac Square Memorial itself, which is well worth a visit.  There are memorials to many who had fallen in various battles. We then followed a well-worn path through Post Office Square, and St Stephen’s Cathedral, gradually making our way towards the river. However, we took a short detour to admire the garden and indigenous artwork at 380 Queen Street. To rest our weary legs we caught the free ‘red’ bus to QUT and Old Government House. At QUT we were able to play with the interactive feature called The Cube. Images are projected onto various touch screens.

By this time our Anzac biscuit and cup of tea were a pleasant but faint memory, so we headed to one of the cafes on the QUT campus for a delightful lunch full of friendship and fellowship. Thanks to Joan for organising the tour and especially to Graham. We realised that there are many other places to discover in Brisbane so will have to organise another tour at some stage.


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